Artificial Intelligence

3. How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare Industry

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The power of Artificial Intelligence is echoing across many industries. But its impact on healthcare is truly life-changing. With its ability to mimic human cognitive functions, AI is bringing a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. This transformative technology is revolutionizing the health sectors in many ways. From drug development to clinical research, AI has helped […]


2. Telemedicine: The Latest Futuristic Tech Prediction From The Jetsons To Come True

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Let’s step into the world of  The Jetsons  for a moment. It’s 2062, and push-button conveniences, moving sidewalks, and humanoid robots see to our every need. Hungry? Push a button and a fully cooked meal is ready in seconds. Voice-activated controls turn the lights on and off, “videophone” conferencing is commonplace, and a watch with a mini […]

Smart Wearable

1. Remember The Jetsons?

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In the 1960s futuristic, animated TV show The Jetsons, homemaker Jane Jetson and the family robot, Rosie, enjoy numerous push-button, Space Age-envisioned conveniences to run the household. In the first episode of season one, Jane serves up breakfast for her 6-year-old son, Elroy, by pressing buttons on a kiosk-like device, ordering cereal, milk, and eggs. […]