“YourDoc™” is a Telemedicine MD Portal designed to be utilized by Living Water Communities, LLC – a Faith Based Senior Living Community Development company with headquarters in Jacksonville,Florida.  However, as a health initiative,LWC began the development of a Smart Wearable division within its company called VitalKey.  Through VitalKey’s  Vital Smart Health Wearable and the “InTouch Cue App™” Network the wearer’s vital information is monitored 24/7……uploaded to our secure cloud servers.  Your vital health information, such as Heart Rate, ECG, Oxygen Levels, Blood Pressure as well as a host of Fitness information is compared against your inputted normal parameters and is capable to be sent, in the event of an abnormality in your vitals it is sent to our YourDoc™ network of Medical Professionals (subscription required) where they are able to make contact with the wearer of Vital to initiate an appointment when your Vitals are determined to be too high!  

The “YourDoc™” Network is also available as a stand alone product for those who want to have access to medical help using our Network of Medical Professionals.  However, when teamed up with Vitals™ and the power of its 24/7 Monitoring system you can be assured that someone is always being made aware when something happens in your physical body!  Learn More about Vitals InTouch Cue™ App.