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Wearable technology is misunderstood.  Some think it’s all about the newest smartwatch that after wearing we struggle to find a use for.  Others can’t get beyond the barrage of start-ups pitching wearables more ridiculous sounding than the last.

It has a lot to do with the Internet of Things revolution.  Yes, the term seems purpose-built by marketers to ensure than normal people don’t understand it but it is important.  The Internet of Things refers to all the……things that are currently not smart but will soon have wireless smarts as standards.

Everything from our washing machine and oven, to the doorbell, garage door opener and so much more. We think it is going to cost us a fortune however, soon it will all become a normal standard in our homes, our cars and our businesses.


Revolutionary new tech will help you monitor your health and because of new early-warning technology, it will alert you of potential emergencies before they become an emergency!

Currently wearable technology has been focusing a lot on appearances.  It needs to, in order to convince the masses to wear them.  However, bubbling away in the background is a wearable device that could truly improve lives.

Companies such as Apple and Google have been working to design smart wearables capable of amazing, self-monitoring for the individual who wears it.  The ability to monitor  heart rate, steps walked and to track their calories; but it is all predicated on the underlying premise that the wearer can interpret the information and understand what it all means. 

The fact is that though we understand if a number is high or low.  How to track it over a period and how to interpret it, is not what we studied in High School or in College, unless of course we were preparing for a lifetime career in medicine.

But thanks to a new corporation, VitalKey Medical Innovations, there will finally be a Smart AI working with other IoT home appliances that could avert a medical emergency by informing health care professionals of patterns developing within our body.  A device that can pass that information to family members, who the wearer has granted permission, to know when something happens to them. 

VitalKey has identified crucial sensors and strategies of how the system will work to enable them to develop a wearable capable of measuring with consumer grade accuracy our vitals and so much more.  

A devise that measures your:

  • heart rate
  • oxygen levels
  • respiration
  • body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • fall detection
  • stress levels
  • sleep patterns
  • fitness information
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variables)
  • Location
  • Reminders for medicine or to simply get to exercise

All this data is collected every 5 minutes…..24 hours a day……7 days a week!  It is sent to the VitalKey HIPPA compliant server where a Smart AI will parse the information looking for  abnormalities and send it to and where it is needed. 

Providing a true Early Warning System for the wearer as well as family members and professionals.

You may be wondering, who can access the information?  Once it is sent to the server from there the Early Warnings can be dispatched to:

  • Family or Friends along with their GPS location
  • Smart Home devices
  • Back to the Wearer through the VitalKey wearable
  • For aging parents in Senior Communities – to the nursing staff
  • To the YourDoc Medical Network
  • To 911 emergency services providing exact GPS location

Gone will be the days when the steps of a memory care patient or a child who has wondered off are unknown.  Through a sophisticated Global Positioning System within moments they’re location could be determined.

All of this and more is what the newest entrant into the IoT Wearable Marketplace is working to deploy.  During the first quarter of 2020 with the next level of funding, they will begin making the prototype, testing it and intend to release it to the Retail World in the spring of 2021.

The Future is Indeed Closer Than You Think!

For more information on how you can become an investor in this groundbreaking wearable technology visit:

VitalKey Medical Innovations

Alan Kelso CEO/President

Email: [email protected]